AWS Certification

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam: numbers and key things to remember

  • Maximum item size is 400KB
  • 25 unique items per transaction
  • Maximum 4MB per transaction
  • gp2 has 16,000 iops max. Size can range from 1GiB to 15 TiB.
  • io1 has 64,000 iops max
  • io1 or io2 type EBS volumes can be shared on up to 16 Nitro EC2 instances
  • Spread placement group: max 7 instance per AZ
  • Partition placement group: max 7 partition per AZ
  • A partition placement group with Dedicated Instances can have a maximum of 2 partitions
  • Cluster placement group: 1AZ only
  • Public IP address change after hibernate or stop, retained if reboot
  • Private IP address stays the same all the time
  • Region bound
  • Performance mode options: General purpose or Max IO
  • Throughput mode options: Bursting Throughput or Provisioned Throughput
  • Idle timeout: 60s default. Allowable range is 1s to 3600s
  • Connection draining: 300s default. Allowable range is 1s to 3600s
  • Retention: 24h by default, but can be configured up to 7 days
  • Maximum size is 1MB per record
  • Maximum 1000 PUT per second per shard
  • Maximum 2MB per second per shard for consumption
  • The total unzipped size of the function and all layers can’t exceed the unzipped deployment package size limit of 250 MB
  • Can have up to 5 layers
  • Maximum execution time is15 mins
  • Max memory 3008 MB, mininum is 128MB
  • Multi thread only start if you allocate 1536MB of memory of above
  • Typically other services can trigger Lambda (push to Lambda model), except for DynamoDB streams & Kinesis. With DynamoDB Streams and Kinesis, you have to configure Lambda to poll the stream (pull from Lambda model)
  • Multi AZ read replica is only for mySQL
  • No Read replica functionality available for MS SQL
  • Auto backup read replica or enable writes only for mySQL and MariaDB
  • Snapshots are not auto deleted on S3
  • Transition down only for objects that have been in previous tier for minimum of 30 days and minimum of128KB in size
  • Glacier retrieval times: Expedited 1–5min, standard 3–5hrs, bulk 5–12hrs
  • Deep archive retrieval times: standard 12hr, bulk 48hr
  • Deep archive: minimum storage duration is 189 days
  • Snowball: 80 TB
  • Snowcone: 8TB
  • Snowmobile is for 10PB or more
  • Queue name maximum length is 80 chars
  • FIFO with no batching: up to 300 msg per second without high throughput mode
  • FIFO batching: up to 3000 msg per second without high throughput mode
  • No api limit for standard queue
  • Retention: 4 days default, configurable from 1min to 14 days
  • Delay: 0 by default, configurable from 0 to 15 min
  • Message timer: 0 by default, configurable from 0 to 15 min
  • Visibility timeout: 30s by default, configurable from 0 to 12hrs
  • Message maximum size is 256kb
  • Long polling (receiveMessageWaitTime) maximum is 20s
  • Standard queue can have up to 120,000 in flight messages
  • FIFO queue can have up to 20,000 in flight messages
  • NAT Gateway is at AZ level (always in public subnet), 45 Gps bandwidth limit
  • NACL is at subnet level
  • NACL default rules: allow all in/out, custom one deny all in/out
  • Default & custom security group: allow all outbound
  • Default security group allows inbound from itself
  • Custom security group has no inbound rules (i.e. implicit deny all)




I.T. Solutions Architecture, Cloud Architecture, Data Architecture

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Adi Simon

Adi Simon

I.T. Solutions Architecture, Cloud Architecture, Data Architecture

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