Azure Architecture

Choosing the right Azure Monitor Agent for your VMs

High-level view of Azure Monitor (source: Microsoft)
Various Azure Monitor agents
  • Cannot use the Log Analytics solutions in production.
  • No support yet for networking scenarios involving private links.
  • No support yet collecting custom logs (files) or IIS log files.
  • No support yet for Event Hubs and Storage accounts as destinations.
  • No support for Hybrid Runbook workers.
  1. Are you monitoring a Windows or Linux machine?
  2. Is your logs/metrics source in Azure or outside of Azure?
  3. How are you going to use the data collected?
  1. Walk across to the right starting from your agent of choice, and walk all the way util the end of the path
  2. When you come across an intersection or crosswalk with an icon in it, go down until the end of the path
Azure Monitor Agent
Windows Diagnostics Extension (WAD)
Linux Diagnostics Extension (LAD)
Telegraf Agent
  1. It cannot send data to Azure Monitor Metrics, Azure Storage or Azure Event Hubs.
  2. It is also very hard to manage because it needs to be configured at each VM.
  • Azure Monitor Agent (AMA) is your first go to if you can live with the limitations, else
  • If your VMs are all in Azure, go with Azure Diagnostics Extension, else
  • If your workloads are outside of Azure use the Log Analytics Agent
  • If 2 or more agents co-exist, be aware of potential data duplicate in Azure Monitor




I.T. Solutions Architecture, Cloud Architecture, Data Architecture

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Adi Simon

Adi Simon

I.T. Solutions Architecture, Cloud Architecture, Data Architecture

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